Floor Press Pad

The Floor Press Pad makes floor pressing more convenient and comfortable than ever before. Simply unfold the briefcase-shaped pad, place in squat rack, and begin pressing. 

The pad is designed to fit within all squat racks and stores neatly when not in use. The pad is constructed from the highest quality foam and vinyl that’s both comfortable and durable. The pad utilizes the same materials the Thompson Fat Pad and is American Made in St. Louis, MO.

Designed in collaboration with Steve Ferrell of Bench Blokz, the Floor Press Pad is carefully constructed with lifters in mind. The pad creates a level, padded platform enabling lifters to dig their shoulder blades into the pad like on a standard bench press. You’ll be able realize the benefits of floor pressing (working sticking point, eliminating leg drive, enhanced triceps engagement, etc.) more comfortably and safer than ever before. 

Apart from floor pressing this pad shape is ideal for prone accessory and mobility work. 

Made in the USA
Easy to transport
Ultra-wide top portion
Fits within squat rack
Patent Pending
Durable and comfortable foam
Measures 28” L x 22” W x 6” H folded
Measures 44” L x 39” W x 2.75” H unfolded

Inventors: Steve Ferrell, AbMat Team

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