Squat University x Pulling Blocks


The AbMat's x Squat University Pulling Blocks by Crash Cushions are an excellent tool for the Olympic weightlifter, CrossFitter and Powerlifter. Whether you’re doing partial deadlifts or the Olympic clean/snatch, you can choose the exact block (or pairs of blocks) for your body and needs. Available in four different sizes: 12", 8”, 4”, and 2”. These blocks will allow you to strengthen your lifting mechanics at a variety of angles, develop greater explosiveness and take stress off aching joints when recovering from injury.

The shock-absorbing blocks are constructed with a dense rebond foam to dramatically reduce the sound and vibration of weights dropping while also being stable enough to handle even the heaviest loaded barbells. The heavy duty built in side strap allows for easy transportation and storage!


• Made is U.S.A.
• 18 oz ripstop vinyl
• Squat University Branded
• Dimension: 20" x 30"
• Max Height: 26"

Inventor: Dr. Aaron Horschig

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