Pivot Pad + Hip Thrust Pad



The Pivot Pad turns any squat rack into a variable-height hip thrust machine. Simply rack your barbell and snap the Pivot Pad on to the bar. The pad performs like a commercial grade hip thrusting machine at a fraction of the price – and footprint. The pad has a soft foam exterior and rigid core.

Performing hip thrusts on a traditional bench can be uncomfortable, difficult to get set up, and uses a fixed height that doesn’t lend itself to proper biomechanics. The Pivot Pad puts the user in a proper position based on their height and makes getting into the movement a breeze. Simply sit on the ground with your upper back against the pad and begin thrusting. 

Though the Pivot Pad was designed to accommodate all types of hip thrusts including barbell, dumbbell, and banded hip thrusts, it is not limited to this single movement. The pad works great for other accessory work including single arm presses, glute marches, Copenhagen planks, and rear-elevated push-ups to name a few.

The patent-pending keyhole design of the Pivot Pad snap directly onto a olympic barbell and rotates with the user creating an immersive experience – almost as if the pad isn’t there. Use the Pivot Pad in conjunction with our Hip Thrust Pad for the most comfortable and convenient hip thrust solution.

The Pivot Pad is a collaboration between Dr. Kelly Starrett of the Ready State and AbMat. Kelly approached the AbMat team and wanted a solution for performing Split Squats using a barbell (Split Squat Pad). A byproduct of our talks led to the creation of the Pivot Pad. A special thanks to Kyle Divine (@kaizendiygym) for his design input.


  • American Made
  • Small footprint (18” x 10” x 3”)
  • Easy to store
  • Soft foam exterior + rigid core
  • Dual material construction
  • Solid molded foam
  • Cleanable, textured exterior
  • Embossed logos that won’t wear over time
  • Patent Pending

Inventors: AbMat team, Kelly Starrett, & Kyle Divine



Painful, mobility-limiting hip thrusts are a thing of the past! No more improvising with temporary fixes to get the perfect, painless hip thrust movement. After destroying yet another pad trying to make it do something it wasn’t intended to, inventor and gym owner Devan Grell got to work creating the solution—and Hip Thrust Pads were born.

These innovative pads are designed for durability, longevity, and maximum comfort and are constructed with unique multi-layer well technology. The harder top bears and evenly distributes the weight of the load while taking pressure off your pelvis, and the ultra-soft bottom layer offers extreme comfort enabling maximum hip thrust performance. Additionally, Hip Thrust Pads won’t hinder your hinge like some other products might that simply wrap around the bar. Hip Thrust Pads bend with your body, allowing you to effectively and comfortably get deep into the movement.

Proudly made in the USA, look no further than the Hip Thrust Pad for the safety and stability you need to get the results you love from the hip thrust movement.


• Made in the USA
• Patent-pending
Dimensions: 18” x 9” x 1.75”
• Cordura outer
• Color: Black

Inventor: Devan Grell


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