Magnetic Massage Gun Holder


Hello! I'm Dr. Travis Fleming and I'm so excited to introduce you to the Magnetic Massage Gun Holder! (MMGH)

Massage guns have grown in popularity over the last couple years. They are used in gyms and homes for warm-up and recovery. However, reaching the areas of your back that tend to be the most important for training can be difficult. The MGH is the solution you need to change the way you recover and warm up.  

But first, a little bit about myself and how the MGH came to life….

I have a degree in human biology and a doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University. I have competed in a few natural bodybuilding competitions myself and am part owner of 949 powerlifting- a gym in Lebanon IL.

As a chiropractor I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of patients that have included powerlifters, CrossFitters and bodybuilders at a high-level. It’s important as a chiropractor to equip someone with the tools they need for at home care. Massage guns have been an important tool in the toolbox for athletes for years now. I would use my commercial massage gun in the office but when I asked my patients why they didn’t use their ones at home. It was always the same answer. “ I can’t reach the spots that hurt the most. After hearing this a few times I came up with a few ideas that included attaching the massage gun with a clip to the end of a barbell. The seemed good until trying it out. Attaching it to a rack would be the most optimal thing but there were a lot of variables with that. Insert AbMat. I began working with the development team over at AbMat and together we created the Original Massage Gun Holder! Now after 2 years of development I am proud to announce our newest collaboration the rack mounted Magnetic Massage Gun Holder!

The Magnetic Massage Gun Holder is the first ever magnetically attached rackmounted massage gun holder.  There is nothing easier to attach a massage gun to a rack out there. The ability to move the (MMGH) up and down to treat different areas of the body is key. This allows an athlete to treat themselves hands free as well as go through movement assisted treatment without a second person.

I feel like this tool should be in every CrossFit, Home and commercial gym out there. Make the investment. You will not be disappointed!


• Made in the USA 
• Light Weight Aluminum Construction
• Magnetic 
• Massage Gun not included
• Not affiliated with Hyper Ice
• Fits Any Rack

Inventor: Travis Fleming, AbMat Team

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