Log Crash Cushions


(Sold in Pairs)

AbMat’s Log Crash Cushions are the solution you need to safely execute log lifts!

World’s Strongest Man champion and holder of the world record deadlift, Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson reached out to the creators at AbMat with a unique request. He wanted us to develop a set of crash cushions specific to log lifting, made with the same quality he’d come to expect from our original Crash Cushions™. We received the dimensions and got to work creating this first-of-its kind cushion. Then we sent our product to some of the strongest men on the planet for them to test—and it passed with flying colors.

Made with the same durability as AbMat’s Crash Cushions™, Log Crash Cushions offer targeted protection and specifications specific to log lifts. Their height is based on the size needed for proper pulling, the length accommodates for the ample drop space throughout the movement, and the unique dimensions effectively set you up for your next lift.

Filled with slightly softer density foam than is used in the original Crash Cushions™, Log Crash Cushions are designed to absorb and reduce the upward bounce of the log when dropped while still providing quality and durability. They also help to eliminate the noise generated from the drop while protecting floors and equipment.


  • Dimensions 43 x 20 x 12
  • 18 oz black ripstop vinyl
  • 6 lb. Rebond foam
  • Made in the USA

Reviewed by strongman athlete and owner of Untamed Strength, Alan Thrall

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