Handstand Push-Up Pad


Protect your noggin during handstand push-ups!

The AbMat Handstand Push-up Pad offers a two-inch-thick layer of protective padding for your head and features cutouts on each side which are ideal for bumper plates. The arched cutouts enable athletes to achieve consistent hand placement, while also keeping the pad and the plates stable.

Proudly made in the USA, sturdy and durable Handstand Push-up Pads are intended to be used specifically for handstand push-ups and not for core-strengthening, like the original AbMats. Now you can get some head protection while you perfect your handstand push-ups.

(While the pads do offer some protection, this device cannot prevent all head and neck injuries. Always train within your ability and with an experienced partner or training professional.)


• Made in the USA
2” Thick Foam Padding
• Weight: 2.5 LB
• Dimensions: 19.5” long x 15”, 11” (center) wide
• Arched cut-outs on each side for placement of bumper plates
• Color: Black and red

Inventor: AbMat Team

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