DT Tempering Table


Body Tempering creator and world-renowned weightlifter Donnie Thompson himself, in conjunction with the team at AbMat, offer you the first-of-its-kind DT Tempering Table.

After spending years advocating for and popularizing his unique recovery method of Body Tempering, Thompson realized he needed a versatile and stable cushion that was strong enough to support athletes and the body tempering weights but versatile enough to be easily transported and accommodate different body’s needs. The creators at AbMat immediately got to work to create the solution and the DT Tempering Table was born.

This solid but lightweight table is proudly made in the USA of durable ripstop vinyl to prevent stretching. Its total length is six feet and it features a removable one-foot cushion that can be reattached at any location around the table to become either a kneeling pad for the person doing the Body Tempering or to provide outward extension of the limbs for easier rolling. The top of the table offers a U-shaped cutout for the user’s head to rest in while keeping the spine straight and supported. A headrest is also included for maximum comfort.

The table is six inches tall, five inches of which is supportive rigid foam, and one inch of high-quality plush foam for increased comfort. The table folds in half for ease of transport and storage and includes handles.

No more using makeshift cushions for Body Tempering. The DT Tempering Table is the solution you need to receive the most benefit from your Body Tempering recovery treatment.


• Made in the USA
• 72" x 20" x 6”
• 15 lbs
• Foldable
• Removable 12" cushion
• Constructed of foam and ripstop vinyl Black

Inventor: Donnie Thompson, AbMat Team


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