Body Tempering Cart


The Body Tempering Cart makes transporting and storing Body Tempering rollers a breeze. This cart is designed exclusively for your favorite Body Tempering rollers (pictured with Rogue® DT Tempering rollers 50LB, 80LB, 110LB). Built using 3x3 tubing and 5/8” hardware (much like a squat rack), the handle slides up and down and locks with a rubber-coated detent pin. This cart is built like a tank and easily supports the heaviest of Body Tempering rollers.

One of the biggest headaches with Body Tempering (UNTIL NOW) is how to transport weighted pieces of steel. While there are loadable tools available (like the Forge Roller), weighted rollers are still the industry standard. Now you can easily transport rollers from a strength and conditioning room to the field and field to team bus.

Using the cart feels like using a “dolly” or “hand truck.” The horizontal metal steel frame makes it easy to lean the cart back. The industrial-strength 8-inch urethane wheels are perfect for almost any terrain. From rubber weight room floors to concrete parking lots, the cart effortlessly moves hundreds of pounds of weight. 

Trusted by trainers for collegiate and professional athletes, Body Tempering continues to grow in popularity. If you’re looking to add level of professionalism to your practice this is the tool for you. 

This cart was designed and properly licensed from two pioneers within Body Tempering – Matt Sillanpaa of body Tempering Iowa (@bodytemperiowa) and Donnie Thompson of Body Tempering, LLC.

This cart is the next iteration of Matt’s original cart design. Matt designed and built the original Body Tempering Cart and sold out of his initial run. He approached the AbMat team to make the cart more robust and help get it into more hands. 


  • American made – designed & manufactured in St. Louis
  • Heavy duty, powder-coated steel
  • 8-inch industrial-strength urethane wheels
  • Collapsible handle
  • Rubber-coated detent pin
  • Dimensions 30 x 18 x 18 (collapsed)

Inventors: Matt Sillanpaa & AbMat Team

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