Barbell Bomb + Landmine Grip



The Barbell Bomb is a reimagination of the landmine that simply slides onto the end of a barbell and can turn any surface into a stationary landmine. The barbell bomb is made out of a high-density foam that will stand the test of time while weighing in at only 4 ounces. With the Barbell Bomb attached to a barbell you can do everything you would do with a traditional landmine. 


• Presses
• Rows
• Rotational work
• Push presses
• Push jerk
• Squats
• Split Squats
• Lumberjack deadlifts
And so much more!

Dimensionally the Barbell Bomb is about 7" long and will take up about 5.5" of the barbell sleeve when installed. Additionally, the Barbell Bomb can be used as a handle for the opposite side of the barbell to provide a very comfortable grip for movements such as push presses and goblet squats. 


Inventors: Eric Chessen, Ryan Pitts, AbMat Team


The Landmine Grip simply slides onto the end of a standard olympic barbell. It covers roughly 7” of the barbell and provides a comfortable yet stable grip for your favorite landmine exercises. This space-age foam turns a 2” diameter barbell into 2.6” diameter of foam-covered steel delightfulness. From pressing, pulling, to pushing a prowler sled, the Landmine Grip is one of the most versatile landmine attachments on the market.

We developed the Landmine Grip with Jessie (inventor of Breath Belt). As a former Professional Football Player Jessie understands the importance of smart and safe training. Jessie knows the effectiveness of landmine training and after speaking with dozens of professional strength and conditioning coaches and professional athletes knew something was missing. A safe, comfortable, convenient grip to attach to the end of a barbell for landmine exercises – a.k.a. the Landmine Grip.

The Landmine Grip is the perfect attachment to use with your Barbell Bomb. It also slides nicely onto the end of a Forge Roller for trigger point therapy adding comfort to those who regularly perform Body Tempering. It protects the end of barbells while racked or in storage nicely as well.

As with most AbMat products, there are other uses for this product. We are excited to see how you use your Landmine Grip!

• American made using AbMat’s proprietary foam blend
• 8” overall length
• 2.6” outside diameter
• 1.98” inside diameter
• Solid one-piece construction
• Budget friendly
• Patent Pending

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