Arch Magnets


Arch Magnets take the guesswork out of J-cup placement. Simply place the Arch Magnets over the appropriate hole on your upright and move from movement to movement with ease. These thin magnets are removable and adjustable and won’t interfere with your lifts. Both dry erase and permanent marker can be used on the blank magnets to accommodate your training style.

 Each pack includes 18 magnets.

• (2) bench
• (2) squat
• (2) split squat
• (2) hip thrust
• (8) blank


Both 5/8” and 1” magnets are available in red and black. 

The AbMat team partnered with RocketPack Supply (the OG) on this project.


• Made in the USA
• Easy to adjust and remove
• Fits most squat racks

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