Ab Amigo


Doing sit-ups alone just got easier. No more jamming your feet under the heaviest piece of furniture you can find or begging someone to be your spotter. The Ab Amigo Classic is the sit-up assistant that can slide under anything that sits flush to floor up to a 0.75” gap, including doors, so you can create a solo sit-up station anywhere.

This innovative sit-up bar offers durability, stability, and simplicity. Simply slide the Ab Amigo’s flat metal brackets under anything and the vertical sections will create an anchor, holding the raised foothold panel in place. Foam padding on the inside of the brackets prevents damage and additional padding under the foothold provides comfort for the user.

After inventor Dylan Tellam broke his dresser by using it as an anchor for his feet during sit-ups, he got to work designing the Ab Amigo. Throughout the process, he realized that he was using too much force and getting too much support from the dresser. The Ab Amigo provides a solution for a sit-up station while not overcompensating for the workout, ensuring you get the most out of your core-training regimen. Its unique design virtually eliminates the need for momentum in your sit-ups, instead targeting your core so you get longer term results.

Suited for any body type or fitness level, the Ab Amigo is a necessary component of any strength and/or core-training regimen and is proudly made in the USA.


• Made in the USA
• Portable Doorway Sit-Up Bar
• 0.125” thick steel brackets
• Dimensions: 17.5” long (length of wood foothold panel) x 5.5” tall
• Wood Foothold will stick out approximately 4.25″ from the door after installation
• Thick Foam Padding protects door and provides foot stability and comfort
 Compatible with any door (0.75” height above floor works best)
• Can be used by athletes of any size or skill level
• Some assembly required

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