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Meet a new—and safer—take on an old classic!

Don’t let the fear of injury or worrying about the cost of a doctor’s visit stop you from reaping the benefits of box jumping. RooBox offers the solution, combining the best from both boxes into its unique construction so you can train harder, more safely, and reach your fitness goals.

Traditional ployoboxes offer excellent training for box jumps but come with the added risk of injury if an athlete misses a jump and bangs their shin on the hard outer edges. Soft boxes just don’t offer the stability that comes with the harder boxes, leading to a less vigorous workout, reduced speed, and the risk of injury due to reduced stability.

The RooBox offers a safe, stable alternative that won’t slow you down. It features a patent-pending rounded edge design that reduces the risk of injury but still gives athletes the vigorous workout they’re seeking from box jumps. The edges are made from rounded but slightly compressible closed cell molded foam rubber that protects shins on a fall or missed jump. The box itself is built to last from sturdy ¾” plywood. A uniquely designed internal framework supports the side panels and locks the foam corners in place.

Designed for the novice and experienced athlete alike, the RooBox takes the fear out of box jumps by offering safety, stability, and durability. Available in black with silver lettering or—exclusively for AbMat—natural clear coat with black ink. The RooBox comes with everything you need to assemble it, which usually takes about fifteen minutes. No separate tools are required.


• Made in the USA
• Dimensions: 30" x 24" x 20"
• Weight: Approximately 45 lbs.
• Ships flat, comes with everything you need
• Partial assembly required (no special tools required)
• Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Inventor: Chris Wittenbrink

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