Forge Tempering Roller


Hi Abmat Family.

My name is Corey Davis, a strength coach and owner of a private training facility in Georgia. Please allow me to tell you about my invention, the Forge. 

The Forge is the best all-around tool for Body Tempering and is currently used by professional athletes across the sports spectrum — including those in Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and Strongman competitions.

The idea for the Forge started in 2015 when I was working with Reese Hoffa, a 3-time Olympian in the Shot Put. We identified muscle recovery as one area that, if maximized, would significantly improve athletic performance. The problem was "how".

After several brainstorming sessions, a friend introduced us to Donnie Thompson's Body Tempering concept. We weren't familiar with it but would soon become experts in this field thanks to Donnie's hospitality.

Donnie Thompson is the first guy to ever total 3,000 pounds in a powerlifting meet. He's strong!  When we reached out to him, Donnie showed us the concepts of Body Tempering utilizing steel pipes around the facility. 

We brought Body Tempering back to our gym and the results were amazing! However, the steel pipes presented some problems. First, the gym had to maintain a variety of steel pipes of various weights. We needed sizes from 30 pounds up to 200 pounds. This needlessly took up space. Second, maneuvering a 150-200 pound steel pipe was cumbersome and presented a safety risk. Third, the cost of purchasing enough weight varieties was expensive.

This is where the Forge comes in! Through innovative engineering, we developed a single Body Tempering product that is adaptable, easy to use, and safe. The Forge weighs 30 pounds and is designed as a tube that is plate-loaded. 

The Forge accommodates all individuals across the muscle mass spectrum. At its empty weight, the Forge is perfect for smaller muscles. The extensions on each side of the tube are compatible with standard weight / barbell dimensions, allowing for variable weights based on need. Bigger people and bigger muscles need more weight, smaller muscles and people need less. Simply add as much weight as you need (up to 230 total pounds) based on the size of the athlete. Additionally, the rounded ends of the Forge can be used for Targeted Tempering to easily zero in on specific areas requiring focused recovery. 

No more piles of steel pipes! No more lifting anything more than 30 pounds!

The Forge is the only Body Tempering tool you will need. It's unique shape and compatibility allow you to easily store the product alongside barbells, saving space and money.

When I first met Donnie Thompson, Body Tempering was just starting. Now, it is a core element of training programs at every level of the competition and I'm glad to have partnered with Donnie as this concept developed.

I know you will be happy with the Forge. It is the perfect complement to pair with Abmat's DT Tempering Table. I'm excited to work with Abmat and help you start Body Tempering today!


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