Quite simply, the AbMat provides the only way to do an anatomically correct sit-up that safely and effectively gets you the results you want.

By supporting your lumbar spine and eliminating space between your back and the floor, the AbMat increases stability while isolating your abdominals for a total core workout. With the AbMat positioned beneath your spine at the start of a sit-up, you get a full stretch of your abdominal muscles, which is impossible to obtain on a flat surface. As you rise, your pelvis is supported, allowing your muscles to fully contract and resulting in a more thorough and effective workout.

Proudly made in the USA, the antibacterial, single-mold, closed-cell foam construction makes AbMats durable and easy to clean. The textured surface and non-skid base let you confidently pursue your workout goals because the AbMat will stay firmly in place.

No more relying on momentum to do your sit-ups or risking injury from lack of support, the AbMat enables complete range of motion for total core conditioning. Durability meets necessity in this complete core workout tool.


• Made in the USA
• Dimensions: 14.5” L x 11.75” W x 2.75” H
• One size fits all
• Single molded piece with integral skin
• Antibacterial, closed cell foam – Moisture resistant, holds its shape
• Soft to touch, Firm for use
• Easy Portability / No Set-Up
• Textured finish
• Smooth, non-skid back
• Contoured design for optimal comfort and range of motion on crunches, sit-ups, hand-stand push-ups, couch stretches, and other similar core and mobility exercises
• Easy to Clean
• 1-Year Warranty
• Color: Black

Inventor: Fred Koch, AbMat Team

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