AbMat on “The Joe Rogan Experience”

As an owner of a fitness company there are very few endorsements that are held to a higher esteem than being featured on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. Snippets of his podcasts are littered across social media being used as sponsored ads by any company lucky enough to get a mention. In a way, his endorsement can validate products and companies in the fitness industry.

Why do we care about Joe Rogan’s opinion of our products? It is not just the size of his audience, but the reason his audience is so large. Joe Rogan, over the years, has been so many things to so many people but through it all he has always been himself. His personal brand is the representation of unfiltered honesty. He speaks as if no one is listening which is why everyone does. 

After years of desiring his acknowledgment and trying creative tactics to get his attention we were shocked to find out the best thing to do was to wait. It was from an email from Fred Koch, the original inventor of the AbMat that informed us of the feature (Fred is a big fan and rarely misses an episode). Expecting just a fleeting mention of our product we were delighted to hear him discuss our product for over a minute to one of the largest online audiences in history.

My initial reaction to seeing the feature was an overpowering level of joy followed by the daunting thought of “what do we do now?”. The answer to that question? Take the AbMat brand to the Moon!


~ Dylan Tellam

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