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“AbMat Crash Cushions are essential pieces of equipment for my garage gym. I use them every single time I do Olympic lifts. These high-quality, shock absorbing pads withstand daily abuse and greatly reduce sound and vibration, and protect my floor from dropping weights. It’s an honor to partner with AbMat and offer a special edition line of Crash Cushions featuring my illustrations of the snatch and clean movement sequence. It’s a perfect combination.”

Karl Eagleman

AbMat is proud to partner with Karl Eagleman of Whiteboard Daily on these movement sequenced Crash Cushions! WBD Crash Cushions are sold in sets of two, one featuring the Snatch movement and the other the Clean movement sequence.

Crash Cushions™ are the cost-effective way to reduce noise, protect your floors and equipment, and keep the neighbors happy and the baby asleep while you pursue your lifting goals.

These high-quality, shock-absorbing pads are proudly made in the USA and are designed to withstand the pressure of all your lifting needs, including Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Backed by a one-year warranty, they are ideal for home and commercial gyms as well as small lifting spaces.

Crash Cushions ™ were created to offer an affordable alternative to more expensive noise-dampening pads, without affecting quality. And we wanted to create and manufacture a product in the United States so we got to work refining and came up with the solution, by way of Crash Cushions™.

Don’t let the fear of damaging your equipment, your floors, or your relationships stop you from lifting. Let Crash Cushions ™ bear the weight so your floors don’t have to!


• Made in the USA
• Sold in Pairs
• Weight: 23 LBS (46 LBS total)
• Footprint: 30” x 24”
• Height: 6”
• Materials: 18 oz Ripstop Vinyl
• Includes 2” seatbelt webbing straps for carrying
• Color: Black
• Snatch/Clean Movement sequence branding in white on black
• One-year warranty


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