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In the Ab Amigo Mini you’ll get a smaller, lighter version of a sit-up bar to the Ab Amigo Classic. This portable, compact tool delivers the same quality you expect from all AbMat™ products, is proudly made in the USA, and will maximize your core-training regimen without the need for a spotter.

Suitable for all sizes and fitness types, the Ab Amigo Mini is ideal for someone who’s just starting their fitness journey, has space limitations, or is of smaller stature.

This small, effective, innovative sit-up bar offers durability and simplicity. Simply slide the brackets under any standard-sized, firmly closed door or piece of furniture (0.75” height above the floor works best) and instantly create a solo sit-up station virtually anywhere. At under a foot in length, it’s easy to store the Ab Amigo Mini when it’s not in use.

The Ab Amigo Mini is made of 1/8” thick aluminum with wave-shaped spotter foam mounted directly to the frame. Additional foam padding on the inside of the bracket helps prevent scuffs or scrapes to the door it’s being used on.


• Made in the USA
Black / Gray
• Length: 11.5” (length of foothold panel)
• Height: 4.5”
• Other Product Specs: .125” thick aluminum bracket

Inventor: AbMat Team

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