Battle Bags

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Take your battle rope training to the next level!

Designed to fit around a 1.5 inch or 2 inch battle rope, Battle Bags add additional weight and resistance to traditional battle rope workouts, increasing the difficulty and giving you a more thorough conditioning experience.

These 1-pound pouches are sold in pairs. When they’re positioned on the rope closer to your hands they will add a small amount of resistance. The farther down the rope you fasten them, the more amplified the weight and resistance become making them quickly feel like an additional ten pounds have been added. This low-cost accessory is a great way to enhance your rope training, and though they were designed for battle ropes they can also be added to other equipment like sledgehammers, sleds, barbells, and more for added weight and resistance.

Battle Bags are proudly made in the USA of military green Cordura fabric. They feature a non-skid material on the inside to keep them securely fastened and to prevent sliding.

Improve your explosiveness and strength by adding Battle Bags to your traditional cardiovascular conditioning workouts.


• Made in the USA
• Made of Cordura fabric  
• Sold in pairs

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