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A must-have for any gym—home or commercial.

The AbMat Extreme offers all the benefits you’ve come to expect from the AbMat family, with the added benefit of a cut-out section designed expressly to help reduce friction and prevent tailbone discomfort during your core-strengthening workouts.

By supporting your lumbar spine and eliminating space between your back and the floor, the AbMat Extreme increases stability while isolating your abdominals. The addition of scalloped, chamfered side panels enhances your range of motion, giving you a total core-conditioning experience that works all the abdominal muscle groups.

With the AbMat Extreme positioned beneath your spine at the start of a sit-up, you get a full stretch of your abdominal muscles, which is impossible to obtain on a flat surface. As you rise, your pelvis is supported, allowing your muscles to fully contract and resulting in a more thorough and effective workout.

Proudly made in the USA from anti-microbial vinyl, the AbMat Extreme is suited for all body types and for athletes of any level who want results from thorough, effective core training.

Pair it with the AbMat Extreme Wrap Guard for added tailbone comfort.


• Made in the USA
• Color   Black
• Product Weight   1.4LB
• Length   14.75″
• Height   11.5
• Width   2.5″

Inventor: Fred Koch

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