False Grips


Made from a durable molded plastic, False Grips are convenient, portable attachments that snap directly onto an existing set of gymnastics rings—creating an improved grip with max stability and reduced risk of skin irritation or tearing. False Grips are manufactured in the USA, and effective for a wide range of movements, from ring dips, push-ups and rows to high-intensity muscle-up progressions. The grips hold firmly to any standard gym ring, but are also simple to snap on and snap off without having to take down the ring itself.

Other Key Features of False Grips:

Made for All Skill Levels
From beginners working up towards the muscle-up to experienced pros looking to put together multiple muscle-ups more effectively, False Grips can serve any athlete's ring regimen.

False Grip Assist Platform
The grips’ patented platform allows for more contact with the surface of the palm and balances the heel of the wrist on the center of the rings. The resulting improved grip increases muscle activation of the forearms, biceps, and triceps for a stronger pull.

No-Mess Band Attachment
Patent-pending band cutout allows 0.25" to 1” rubber bands to be quickly and conveniently attached for specific muscle-up drills.

Easy to Use Drills
Provided drills and videos will progress you through your sticking points to earn your muscle up.


  • False Grips fit on all standard 1.1" to 1.25" diameter
  • Fits on wood, plastic, or metal gymnastic rings.
  • American Made
  • Will not fit on Fat Rings (35 mm rings)
  • Rings, Straps and bands not included
  • Made for strict movements 


Inventor: Patrick Burke

WARNING: False Grips are designed to be used with strict pushing and pulling gymnastics movements. Swinging or kipping while using False Grips on rings is NOT advised. Serious injury or worse could occur.

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