Zercher Pad


Convert your barbell into a specialty bar with the Zercher Pad.

The Zercher Pad makes performing zercher squats, carries, and lunges extremely comfortable…so much so you’ll forget the pad is there. Just press the Zercher Pad onto a racked barbell and start squatting, lunging, or carrying the barbell with ease. 

Until now, trainers and athletes alike avoided zercher movements due to the discomfort of placing a barbell in the elbow crease. While knee sleeves and folded yoga mats help with the pain, they’re insufficient at best. 

The Zercher Pad’s molded, lightweight foam construction is soft to the touch yet strong enough to support a loaded barbell. The Zercher Pad weighs under 2 lbs and stores conveniently in your gym when not in use.

This AbMat innovation was inspired by Christina Lazo, a local powerlifter in St. Louis, MO and member of the AbMat team. She expressed interest in performing Zercher Squats but with less pain. After over 12 months in development the Zercher Pad was born.


  • Made in the USA
  • 28” in length
  • Fits both 28mm and 25mm Olympic barbells
  • Molded foam construction
  • Antimicrobial
  • Patent Pending

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