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AbMat Group Activity 1

AbMat Group (or adapt to individual use)

Activity #1

Grade Level




Students demonstrate the ability to perform sit-ups and other exercises intended to develop personal fitness.  Students demonstrate the ability to listen and follow directions.


Recommended Organizational Format

Large circle (teacher in the center)

Everyone practices together



Place AbMats in one large circle.  Each student is given an AbMat.


     A  Jog around large circle of AbMats five times.

Variation: Skip instead of jog.  Increase or decrease the number of times around the AbMats.


     B  Same as A, except students jog in the opposite direction.


     C  Angry Cat Stretch: Each student kneels on their AbMats and places their hands on the floor.  Round back towards the ceiling, hold for two seconds, and roll back down.  Repeat five times.

Variation: Students meow like a cat each time they round their backs up.


     D  Sit-up: Begin by positioning an AbMat against each student’s tailbone.  Lying on their AbMats, students begin with hands between their bent knees.  Students slowly roll (four seconds) up to a sitting position.  Roll back down in the same slow, controlled motion.  Repeat five times.

Intermediate Variation: Students cross their arms over their chests.

Advanced Variation: Students place their hands behind their heads, keeping fingertips and elbows wide.


     E  Side Crunch: While lying down on their side, students should position the AbMat comfortably against the side of their waist.  Their bottom ankle should be tucked under the knee of the top leg.  Their bottom hand should be placed under their head.  Each student then pulls up over the AbMat and goes back down slowly.  Repeat five times

     F  Super Man: While lying on their stomach, each student extends arms to the side, palms up.  They then raise their torso slowly off the floor and lowers.  Repeat five times.

Variation: Extend arms in front, palms down.


     G  Repeat E on the opposite side.


     H  Reverse Crunch: Lying on the AbMat, students place their hands at their sides and lift their feet off the floor, keeping knees bent at a 90 degree angle.  Using a slow, controlled motion, students lift their hips back over the AbMat and then return to the starting position.  Repeat five times.

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